5 September 2016
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Yikes!! My Cotton Sofa turned Yellow!

I can’t tell you how many times that I have been called out to clean a cotton sofa, only to find out that another cleaner had permanently damaged it.   If you have ever left a sweaty or damp cotton t-shirt in the corner for a few days in the laundry room you know what happens.  The shirt yellows.  This is not attributable to sweat.  It occurs because of what happens when water is applied to cotton.

Cotton contains a protein that is inside of the fiber called lingen.  This protein when exposed to moisture yellows the cotton fiber surrounding it.   Most frequently this occurs when it is cleaned with water, left wet and not dried.

As an IICRC Master Certified Textile Cleaner,   I have the knowledge and experience to clean  you cotton sofa using a dry cleaning method so that your prized sofa does not become a victim of permanent browning and water marks.




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