2 October 2014
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Over the counter stain removers will damage your carpeting!

Over the counter products are readily available to remove everything from pet stains and odors to wine stains.  These products contain solvents.   When  using the term solvent I am referring to liquids and sprays that are petroleum based vs. water based.  These products have a distinctive smell similar to turpentine.

When carpets are dyed at the dye receptor sites on the carpeting accept the carpet dye that will give it it’s color.  When on uses a solvent to remove a spill or spot one is opening the dye receptor sites of the carpet fiver.   If the solvent is not properly removed it will introduce the spill or spot into the fiber causing and actual stain.

The problem with removal of the solvent is that your small spot remover machines available at your local retail establishments don’t have enough power to adequately flush the solvent out of the carpeting or enough vacuum power to recover the solvent.  What then happens is that as the carpeting dries the solvent which still remains on the fiver allows the spot or spill to be introduced into the fiber causing a permanent stain.

While we can removed by a professional carpet cleaner, some stains can just not be removed.
At Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning we recommend that when you have a spill or spot that you apply 1/4 parts vinegar and 3/4 parts water and apply to the affected area.   Following 2-3 minutes apply pressure to blot the area dry.  Repeat 3-4 X as necessary.  After you have completed this place a dampened towel over the spill and place a heavy object over it.  The towel will allow the spill or spot an area to evaporate up into.  The towel should be left for between 12-16 hrs.

If the spot at this time is not fully removed, call Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning for our assistance.

Carpets offer a discernible investment in the comfort of your home.  Utilizing over the counter spot removers that contain solvents are a sure guarantee to destroying your carpeting which otherwise could easily be prevented.

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