28 May 2013
Carpet Cleaning
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Why do some carpets resoil so easily after carpet cleaning?

I have heard this question posed a few times from customers when I am performing services in their hones.  The answer really boils down to the type of equipment and the procedures that your carpet cleaner is using to clean your carpeting.

The #1 reason that carpet resoil quickly after cleaning is that the carpet cleaner is not retrieving the cleaning solution following it’s application.  The amount of vacuum power that retrieves the cleaning solution and water to clean your carpeting is essential in properly cleaning your carpeting.  When inadequate vacuum power is present it is unable to retrieve the cleaning solution or chemical and therefor leaves a soapy residue on the carpeting.  This soapy residue attracts dirt and therefore the carpeting resoils very quickly.  Your typical Rug Doctor has 80 CFM (cubic feet per minute of suction). and a good portable machine may have up to 200CFM.

The truck mounted steam cleaner that Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning utilizes has 520 CFM.  You can be rest assured that we are removing all the cleaning solution as well as all of the soil from your carpetng with this amount of vacuum power,

The second reason that carpets resoil is that not adequate dwell time has occurred to loosen the soil from the carpeting.  Your typical carpet cleaner is looking to do the fastest job possible in order to do as many jobs in a day as is humanly possible.  In doing this they shoot their cleaning solutions into your carpeting through their carpet cleaning wands and in a fraction of a second it is retrieved through the very wand that laid down the cleaning solution.  This can hardly adequately clean your floor space.

At Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning we pre-spray our cleaning solutions on to your carpeting and allow 15 minutes of dwell time for the cleaning solution to work on the dirt that is adhering to the carpet fiber.  Following this we clean your carpeting utilizing a Rotovac 360i.  The 360i is a rotational cleaning device that lifts the carpet fiber as it cleans with hot water from our truck mount.  It then vacuums the cleaning solution, hot-water and dirt to our truckmount disposal tank.   The result is outstanding looking carepting that has been cleaned properly.

At Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning we believe in doing things for our customers the right way.  Doing business this way is the cornerstone of our growth, and who deserves better than the customer who has chosen our services.  We are located in Tinley Park, IL and can be contacted at (708) 465-4852


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