23 September 2014
Carpet Cleaning
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Why Carpet Protectant?

Before carpets leave the mills that they are produced at they have a carpet protectant that is applied.  This protectant works by providing a shield around the carpet fibers.  This shield protects the fiber and allows them to repel dirt, dust and spills, keeping them from adhering to the fiber.

Carpet protectant can break down with time and regular foot traffic.  Infrequent vacuuming can also degrade the protectant by allowing the dirt in the carpeting to act as an abrasive wearing away at the protectant.  The use of carpet protectant protects the carpet fiber from dirt by creating a barrier between it and the fiber.  This allows dirt to be removed easily through vacuming since the dirt is not adhering to the actual fiber itself.  This will keep your carpet looking cleaner and retain it’s ‘new’ look.

Carpet protectant is odorless, colorless and doesn’t change the movability of the fibers.  The carpet and rug institute recommends application of carpet protectant with every yearly cleaning.

If you want to make your carpet waterproof, dirt and stain resistant reapply the carpet protectant because your carpet will last longer!



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