21 March 2013
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Where do I start with Pet Stain & Odor Removal ?

Many Pets become territorial and in doing so the mark the areas that they believe to be theirs with their urine. This serves these animals well in their natural habitat, to ward off others from thier territory, however when we have these animals in our homes it reeks habit on the investment that we have in our carpeting and upholstery.

How do I get rid of the stains and odors??

There are a few alternatives and they all depend on the severity of the problem.

1) The first alternative and most conveniant for sub-par carpet cleaners is do is to just clean the area with normal capet cleaning and put down a deoderizer and charge the customer. This does not solve the issue becasue once the deoderizer is worn away the same smell will linger. In fact the component of urine (uric acid) is reactivated from it’s crystal form when moisture is applied. This will only make the carpet smell like urine again if the urine has had a chance to dry. This alternative is definately not effective.

2) The second alternative is to apply a solution that binds to the uric acid and then remove the solution, after it has sat for 30 minutes, with a truck mounted steam cleaning machine. The solution is applied on the carpeting down to the carpet padding and then removed. The pet stain and odor solution has bound to the uric acid and is then romoved with the vacuum power of the truckmounted carpet cleaning machine. Following this procedure then the room is cleaned with Steam as normal. This is a good solution to remove the stains and odors. Your pet will not recognize the areas that it has originally marked, as the uric acid or scent marker has been removed. This is an effective treatment if your pet is still living in your home

3) If your pet is unfortunally passed away, an alternative treatment might be to remove the backing or padding of the carpeting. The padding and even the plywood flooring may need to be replaced to get rid of uric acid completely. What you see with a pet stain is only the surface contamination. Left to soak into the carpet, the padding and even wood floring beneath become saturated and conatin the uric acid that reactivates with moisture. This is an expensive solution and should only be undertaken if your pet has passed away and you are not planning on replacing them with a new pet.

Your level of treatment most pet owner choose is to have a Pet & Stain treatment done to their carpets. This is an effective method and not as costly as replacing the padding and wooden blooring beneath. Your desire to live in a comfortable stain and odor free setting can be achieved given the correct understanding of the alternatives and their costs.

I hope this has helped you to undertand a little bit more about Pet Stain & Odor Removal.

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