3 May 2013
Carpet Cleaning
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What is Green Carpet Cleaning?

In deciding upon choosing a carpet cleaner.  You may find yourself asking this question as you review the numerous choices.   At Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning we opt. to choose Environmentally friendly products.  We choose these because they are safer for the environment as well as safer for you, your family and your pets.  You see the Carpet Cleaning Industry many years ago tried to answer one of the first questions many customers ask,  “How long does it take to dry?”  Chemical manufacturers sought to solve the dilemma by adding Ethyl alcohol and Butyl alcohol to their cleaning solutions.  The reason that they did this was because alcohol evaporates quickly and it would take it with it the moisture that was left in the carpeting as a result of it being cleaned and lead to quicker dry times..  The problem with this today homes is that the indoor environments have become their own environments where the air is recirculated to become more efficient in terms of energy usage.  The result of this is the exchange of air between the outdoors and indoors has diminished greatly.  Our homes are constantly recirculating the same air in order to maximize energy efficiency..

So in today’s world of advancements in chemistry and in the the carpet cleaning industry why have they not come up with a better solution?  The truth is they have and that the vast majority of cleaners prefer the old chemicals because of cost.  A gallon of the cleaning solution that a traditional carpet cleaner may use may cost between 12-15 dollars per gallon.  The cleaning solutions used by environmentally friendly carpet cleaning companies may cost between 25-32 dollars per gallon.   At Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning we do not charge more for using a cleaning solution that is better for you family, pets and the environment.  We simply equate this to a better standard of practice that benefits our customers.  Our products are endorsed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency under their ‘Design For The Environment’ program and are non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

The amazing part about all of this is that these products clean equally as well.  When I was a trade conference in Las Vegas this past fall.  I heard one individual when speaking to a sales representative state “yeah but that green stuff doesn’t clean as well”   I thought to myself that the statement he reiterated may have been true 20 years ago.  However today they clean equally as well, if not better due to the advancements that they are willing to spend in terms of research to promote a product that sells at higher profit margins.   Choosing to reduce indoor air pollution by choosing eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions that do not contain phosphates, formaldehyde and other harmful toxins similar to those used in chemical dry cleaning., not only makes sense for the indoor but outdoor environment as well.   The U.S Environmental Protection Agency has said that traditional carpet cleaning chemicals that it does not endorse release fumes called volatile organic compounds (or VOCs),  that can cause both  short and long-term health problems, including headaches, vomiting, asthma attacks, allergies and may can include liver toxicity and kidney failure as many include known carcinogens.

At Enviro-Geen Carpet Cleaning we seek to clean you home to make it a healthy environment for your family and pets.  Having known about the options that are available in cleaning your flooring and upholstery we choose to make it a safer environment for your family.  We believe in promoting health and wellness in your clean home  at no additional costs and hope you will choose our services because of this.

Located in Tinley Park and Serving Orland Park, Frankfort, Homer and the surrounding communities we are seeking to provide excellent service and safer cleaning options.

Thank you,

Chris Wharry


Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning

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