28 March 2014
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Soil Filtration Lines?


What are Soil Filtration Lines?

Have you ever noticed on lighter colored carpeting that it appears that the dirt collects on the outer edges of the carpeting near the baseboards.  This phenomenon is called Soil Filtration.  It occurs gradually over time and it’s cause is due to  warmer air being attracted to cooler air depositing the air contaminents where this occurs, which is typically at the edges of the room.

What is the cause?

As your furnace circulates air throughout the home it carries with it particulate molecules and pollutants that rise into the air and are drawn to the cool air at the edges of your carpeting.  Your carpeting in this case acts as a filter.   Filtering the particulate pollutants in the air to the edges of your carpeting.  Soil Filtration stains have an electrical charge that binds them to the carpeting.  Carpeting is also made with dye receptor sites that particulate soils in the air bind to, making them virtually impossible to remove.   In effect what has happened is the carpet fiber has been stained by the soils carried in the air.

The difficulty in removing soil filtration lines is that a solvent must be used and even then there is little chance of completely removing the filtration lines.  The problem that you run into as a carpet cleaner is that solvents, because of the amount of the product required, can delaminate (destroy the structure) of the carpet backing and fiber destroying the carpet.  This is a very tedious and time consuming process and when one weighs the risk of destroying the carpeting, it is not worth the risk to the home-owner.

What can be done to lighten the filtration lines?

1) The application of a citrus based cleaner that is then removed with hot water extraction.  Cirtus based cleaners are natural degreasers and help soil to be released from the outside of the fiber.  This lessens the appearance, but the discoloration will persist. The carpet fiber at this point has taken the soil into the dye receptor sites.

2) Frequent vacuuming near the baseboards will also prevent particulate soil from the opportunity of building up in these areas, that over time lead to their visual appearance.

How to prevent to prevent Soil Filtration from occuring? 

1) Replace the filters in your furnace with Filtrete 1000 Micro Allergen Filters by 3M.  These particular filters carpture airborne micro particles including smoke, airborne allergens, including pollen ped dander , mold and bacteria as well as large particles like dust and lint.

2) Pick color variences of natural earth tones in the selection of your carpeting.  this will mask even mild filtration which can occur over time.

3) Apply carpet protectant before the accumulation of soiling has occured is another method of preventing particulate soil accumulation.  The protectand forms an invisible barrier around the carpet fiber preventing it from attatching to the fiber and allowing the dirt to be easily remove by vacuuming.  Alot of people believe that carpet protectant is an unecesary add-on that carpet cleaners push.  Carpet Manufactureres apply this protectant when the carpet is first manufactured and it becomes worn by foot traffic, uv light and degredation over time.

It is recomended that carpet protectant be applied yearly to prevent carpets from becoming stained and worn by soil and body oils that are deposited in the carpeting through normanl use.  At Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning our carpet protectant prices are very reasonable.  We believe in keeping your flooring investment protected for a reasonable price.

In Conclusion:

While all of these methods can be implemented complete removal of contaminents is complicated, time consuming and virtually imp0ssible once having occured.  As a select service provider in zip code:  60477   for “The Carpet & Rug Institute” http://www.carpet-rug.org/residential-customers/cleaning-and-maintenance/soa-service-providers/service-providers.cfm , we will make every effort to lighten the appearance of soil filtration lines while preserving the integrity of your carpeting.

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