28 March 2013
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Ways to Green Clean Your Upholstery

Cleaning your furniture shouldn’t be dangerous to your health. Have you ever peeked at some of the ingredients in your favorite cleaning products or some of the health warnings on the container? They are filled with all kinds of ingredients that you shouldn’t be breathing in. Your pet and your children shouldn’t have to breath that in either. So what’s the natural alternative to using these harmful cleaners when you are cleaning your couch or other upholstered furniture?

There are many DIY natural cleaners that you can make at home. First, it’s important to know the type of treatment you can use based on your fabric. Usually you will find a tag on your furniture somewhere that will let you know whether you can clean with water, dry clean only or not to clean at all. You can read this article for what the codes on your furniture tags mean. Once you know how you can treat the fabric, try out one of the methods below.

  • For stains or general cleaning on upholstered fabrics that are water friendly, you can use a mixture of 1 part natural dish detergent to 4 parts warm water. Mix until frothy, then use a soft bristle brush to scrub if necessary. Blot excess moisture with a dry towel and let dry
  • If you would like to refresh your couch or remove odors, you can try spraying it with a mixture of 1 part fabric softener and 3 parts water in a spray bottle. Spray on the couch and then vacuum when dry. You can also sprinkle baking soda and then vacuum.
  • If your pet has an accident, you can treat it with the following directions. Dampen the spot and then sprinkle 20 Mule Team Borax over the stain and rub it in. When it dries use a brush to remove the residue. This will clean and deodorize the spot.

Another bonus – these methods are inexpensive and use ingredients that you may find in your pantry or laundry closet. The most important thing is that they are safe for you, your children and pets. Why would you pick up a bottle of chemicals to clean again?

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