13 March 2013
Carpet Cleaning
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Vacuuming for the Best Floor Care

There are a few vacuuming tips for the best flooring care possible. Caring for you carpet properly will insure that the carpet stays in excellent condition for the longest time possible. There also needs to be different care for different areas. For example, a high traffic area will need more care than an area that is lightly walked on an occasion.

Vacuum often to insure long-term life of your carpet

The most important step to take when caring for carpet is to vacuum often and thoroughly. When an area is soiled, the particles in the carpet will work there way down to the padding and build a residue. If the carpet is vacuumed properly and often, then the carpet fibers won’t build up this residue. Thus making it must easier to keep the carpet clean.

Work in zones and create a system

Many people make the mistake of vacuuming only the areas that are walked on. But, it is important to also move the furniture around, vacuum these areas as well to insure that the dust, dander and pet hair are being removed from the carpet fibers. It is also recommended by several people to sprinkle Arm & Hammer Baking Soda down before vacuuming as this acts as a mild deoderizer.

Vacuuming in zones creates a simple way to make sure each area is being cleaned. It is easy to start vacuuming and then become over whelmed when you may have a large area. For example, starting with living room area and then making your way to the other carpeted areas. It is important to vacuum around the baseboards of the rooms, as these are areas that tend to accumulate dirt.

Vacuuming removes 84% of soiling fromt he carpet fiber it is the remaining 16% that must be removed with steam cleaning or hot water carpet cleaning. Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning utilizes a Hepa-Vacuum which removes 99.7 of the soil that it encounters. The rest we remove with our Truckmounted Carpet Cleaner that cleans at temps of up to 205 degrees.

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