7 October 2013
Carpet Cleaning
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The difference between Carpet Soiling and Carpet Wear.

The importance of vacuuming can not be emphasized enough in the care of your carpeting.  When soil is left in the carpeting it rubs against the carpet fiber, wearing away at it.  In the carpet cleaning industry we call this wear abrasian.  As abrasian occurs, the fiber is damaged and frayed, and in doing so accepts soil more readily into the carpet fiber.  It is during hot water extraction or steam cleaning when the soil is removed, that we actually see the damage to the carpeting.

The wear on the caretping or abrasian oftern appears darker than the rest of the carpeting,  almost to the point of being a shadow.  Once abrasian has occured there is now way of reversing it.  The soiling indeed has been removed, but what we are left with is dulled and damaged fibers that now even more so, readily accept soil because of their deteriorated nature.  It is at this point that you begin to notice traffic patterns or wear lanes in the carpeting.   Maintaining your carpeting with a simple vacuuming once a week, will keep your carpeting looking great and lasting longer.

The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends using hot water extraction or ” steam cleaning ” every 12 months to prevent deep down dirt from abrading your carpeting .

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