27 October 2016
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coffee Stain Removal

Coffee spills if not cleaned up immediately can result in permanent staining of your carpeting. When coffe is spilled onto a fiber your dealing with 4 components; 1) Heat – When coffe is spilled can be upwards of 200 degrees essentially openimg dye receptor sites to recieving the coffee coloring or colorant called tanin. 2)  […]

21 February 2015
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Preventing early death of your carpet

Carpets fibers are a fabric that must be cared for as it were the clothing that we wear each and every day.  If not properly cared for your carpeting can fade and lose it’s coloring.  The following are a few things you can do to prevent the early death of your carpeting 1) Exposing your […]

23 July 2013
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Does Carpet Protectant really work ?

I frequently am asked “Do carpet protectors really work?” An abreviated response would be,  “Positively!” Carpet Protectants are applied to your carpeting at the mill where your carpeting was manufactured,  through noraml wear, soiling and highly travelled areas, that protectant wears off and leaves your carpet suseptable to damage, ultimately shortening the life of your carpeting.  […]