8 September 2013
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Stop !!…Read this…. before you have someone destroy your microfiber couch

Microfiber is a fine synthetic fiber that requires care in it’s cleaning.

Microfiber is easily stained by water, yet needs to be cleaned with minimal water.
The following steps need to be taken to not damage your upholstery furnishing.

1) A mild alkaine cleaning solution should be misted on to the fabric and allowed to dwell on the fabric for 10-15 minutes.

This allows the cleaning solution to work on the microfiber so that dirt is realeased from the fabric.   The microfiber item is then brushed  out  with a natral horsehair brush. This allows even distribution of the cleaning solution without it staining the fabric.

2) A low moisture upholstry tool needs to be used in order to clean with a limited amount of water.

Excess water will saturate the  polyurethane foam and leave unsightly upholstery tool lines when your furnitre dries.

3) A fan needs to be placed so that it blowing along side the furniture item. 

This promotes and increased dry times.  Placeing the fan directly at the upholstery item will force the moisture further into the fabric taking longer to dry.  Fans allow even drying of the upholstered furnishing.

4) The microfiber fabric also needs to be brushed out with a horsehair brush immediately following each section of quadrent of furniture.

The improtance of this can not be understated becasue the lines or changes n the weave of the upholstered item candry leaving unsightly lines or streaks.  The fabric should be brushed in a the diretion that raised the fibers to their upright position.  This promotes drying and adhrence of the fibers drying or adhereing to  one another.

5)  An acid rince should be in the water that is ued to clean the furnishng.

The reason for this is to restore the natural softeness to the fabric that was present when the item was new.  The acid rince neutralizes the alkaline cleaning solution after it has done it’s job to release the soil from the fabric.  This restores the furniture item back to it’s neutral Ph of ( 7 ) which is where the soft, which is where it is when it is new. Any deviation from this neural range caused


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