10 May 2016
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Step by Step Maintenance of Your Carpeting

  1. Preventative Maintenance:  Preventing soil from spreading to your carpeting can be maintained with a walk off mat or door matt.  shoe removal is also key to longevity.  Soil grates against carpet fibers causing premature wear and shortens the life of your carpeting.  One of the most expensive replacement items in your home is not your furniture, it’s your carpeting.
  2. Keep Door Way Entrances Clean:  Sweeping your door step and walk-way clean will prevent soil from being transferred into your home
  3. Vacuuming:  Regular vacuuming once a week removes soil and ambient dust from settling on your carpeting and being ground into the fibers.  Soil is not often visually seen until your carpeting is fully saturated with soil.  The soil initially settles to the backing of the carpeting and accumulation builds from this point.  Using a vacuum with a beater bar weekly will remove surface soil more effectively.  Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning yearly will provide the deep cleaning necessary to prevent wear and thereby extending the life of your carpeting.


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