8 March 2014
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Spring Clean up

 Contrast Tile

This past winter has been enduring to say the least.   With the amount of snow that we have experienced more salt than usual has been used to combat ice during the freeze thaw cycles that we have been experiencing.  As salt becomes tracked into the home it causes deleterious effects on your carpeting,  This occurs not only on a molecular level as the alkalinity of salt degrades the carpet fiber, but also as the salt rock becomes ground into the carpeting causing abrasion.

Carpeting comes with a protectant from the manufacturer that becomes warn with traffic in time.   This loss of protectant leaves the carpet prone to soiling.  The protectant acts as a buffer, repelling dirt from entering into the carpet fiber.  reapplication of carpet protectant inhibits the absorption of dirt and spills into the carpet fiber herefor preventing staining.

 At Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning we offer Scotchgard Carpet Protectant for $ 20 per room and are currently running a special ” Purchase 3 areas of carpet protectant and get 1 Free. ( offer runs through 9/1/14 ).

Tile and Grout is also a flooring that required maintenance on a yearly basis.  Cleaning Tile and Grout requires a combination of high heat, high pressure and vacuum power in order to to remove soil embedded in each.  Grout is a composed of sand, and when the sealer covering the grout becomes worn by regular foot traffic, it leaves the porous sand open to absorbing dirt.  We clean your tile and grout and can also reseal your grout lines.

At Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning are currently offering this special through Sept 1.st / 2014  “FREE 50 sq/ft of Tile and Grout Cleaning when 200 sq/ft purchased.   Our prices to clean and reseal or color seal your tile and grout flooring are very reasonable.

At Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning we believe in giving quality service at a reasonable price.  Quality is in the details …..

Call us todsy at   (708) 465-4852

Owner /Operator …..  Chris Wharry on every job.

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