28 January 2015
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Spots and Spills

Why is it that when the kids spill something it’s nevcr water.  It’s drinks that contain

blues or reds dies.  It’s the stuff that can really stain carpet or upholstery.  Maybe it’s Murphy’s Law, but my kids never spill their drinks on the easily cleanable tile or hardwood floors.  Have no fear there are solutions.

Step 1. Don’t panic – fear will only paralyze a rational thought process needed to deal with this situation.

Step 2.  Begin blotting.  placing a white cotton towel or white paper towel over the spill.    Gently apply pressure and the substance will absorb into the towel since it is more absorbant than the wet carpeting.

Most of any spotting or staining substance will come right out because the towel you are using is more absorbent than the carpet the drink was spilled on.

Step 3.  Make your own spotting product by adding 1 part vinegar to 2 parts warm water and apply to the spill and blot.  Remember scrubbing can turn your spill into a stain which will make it difficult for your carpet cleaner to remove.

Step 4.  Continue to blot but don’t apply too much moisture, as that will get absorbed into the backing of the carpet and eventually evaporate causing the spill to have reappeared.

Step 5.  Once the spot appears to have disappeared it’s time to get air moving over the carpet.  Get a fan and aim it on the spot where the spill was.  The air from the fan will increase the dry time of the carpeting, returning it to regular use.


If the spot is still there? It may have become a stain which is a spill that has been absorbed into the carpet fiber.  This is very difficult to remove and requires a call your professional carpet cleaner, who is qualified to deal with this.

If after a spill has not been removed utilizing these techniques, time is of the essence.  If you are unable to call a professional right away place a damp towel over the area and await as little time as possible to have a professional come out to remove it.

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