There is an important difference between spots and stains in your carpeting.

A spot is caused by a substance which attaches to the outside of the carpet fiber.  Spots can be removed via specialized cleaning techniques.  Conversely, a stain occurs when a material has fully penetrated the carpet fiber.  We make every effort but unfortunately some stains can not be removed.

During your pre-inspection we will evaluate any trouble areas and give you our assessment. We’ll ask for your insight regarding the origin of the stain, as the stain type determines which type of treatment would be most effective.

Following your determination we will clean your entire carpet and re-evaluate following to discuss if any additional treatment is required. An additional charge is associated with stain removal as it requires additional specialized stain removal solutions and techniques.  We are unable to guarantee stain removal, however every effort will be made. Removing the stain will not damage the carpet fiber.