19 June 2013
Carpet Cleaning
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So How Is My Company any Different ?

I got into this business a few years ago after experiencing less than stellar results from local area carpet cleaners in my home.  I felt that these people didn’t respect me or the results of what they were doing.  I worked for a nationally known franchise to learn the industry and was disappointed about how little regard was given for doing a professional job.  What I did learn was how not to clean carpeting the right way  and how much pressure was put into doing as many jobs as possible in one day and up-selling using high pressure sales to get the bill as high as possible.   Being taught respect for other people and the importance of always doing your best is credit best given to my parents.  Giving you the best carpet cleaning experience you have had is a responsibility to you, the customer and to my business to continue to serve.

How we differ:

1) We do free in-home, no-charge, no high-pressure, no obligation quotes.  I believe it is important to know who you are letting in your home ahead of time and that you can understand the     procedures that we use.

2) We use upfront pricing and let you select the services that you would like before the job is started.

3) We will walk throughout the home with you and note any areas that require special attention.

4) We pre-spray our cleaning solutions and let them dwell in the carpeting for 20 min.  This allows time for the solution to release the soil from the carpeting.  Other carpet cleaners shoot down their solution as with the same wand that they are cleaning with.  The spacing between the Jets on the wand and the vacuum port varies between 1-2 inches.  How can carpeting be cleaned with a solution in that short of a fraction of a second.  We believe in taking the time to do it right.

5) We move up to 3 pieces of light furniture per room, ensuring the maximum amount of carpeting is cleaned

6) We use cleaning solutions that are effective at removing soiling from your carpeting as well as being Family and Pet Friendly.  When you think about our homes today, they are very efficient.  Energy efficient windows,  Well Insulated including return air ducts throughout the home to ensure that same warm air is recirculated throughout the home.   Our products do not contain ethyl or butyl alcohols that are present in many carpet cleaning products to promote dry times by increasing evaporation.  These chemicals are then recirculated throughout the home.  We do not use any cleaning products that contain phosphates, which many other cleaners do.  Phosphates which were populare in the 80’s and 90’s are know lung carcinogens and have been largely ruled out in their use, however are still allowed in carpet cleaning solutions because of their cleaning value.   We use products that are endorsed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under their ‘Design for the Environment Program’ that are safe for your family. pets and the environment both in your home and outside of it.  I have two children of my own and believe I owe it to them to be pro-active in using environmentally safe products in my business and in my home. When I look at what we have done to the earth in the past 50 years, it compels me to be responsible in my business and the byproducts of it.

7) We place air-movers in each room we have cleaned to increase the dry times of your carpeting.

8) We keep you informed about our cleaning and the solutions that are being used.  We explain our process to you, so that you understand what we are doing,

9) We offer tips on how to clean spots and spills on your own

10) We follow up with our customers to ensure that they are happy with the job we have performed.  We will  come out at your convenience if there is an issue and correct it.  Satisfied Customers are our priority.  Just because you have paid your bill does not mean that you are at the back of the line behind new perspective customers.  We will come out early mornings, late evenings or during the day at your convenience to make sure you are completely satisfied.

I believed that when I started this company I could make a difference and the pinnacle of success was dependant of customer satisfaction and doing the job right.  We are an IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) Certified Firm and also a Select Service Provider for the Carpet and Rug Institute.  These endorsements require educational requirements relating to the carpet cleaning industry and also a code of ethics that are to be upheld.  We are licensed, Insured and Bonded and use cleaning equipment that is mandatory to be a Carpet and Rug Select Service Provider.  Our Truck Mounted Steam Cleaner is superior in it’s ability to provide the power to clean your home properly and provide ample vacuum power to remove the moisture that is used to clean your home. This lead to quick dry times in conjunction with our fans.

I believe in this company and it’s future and all of this is contingent upon each individual customer receiving the best job possible. 

I hope you give us the opportunity to serve you our best !!


Chris Wharry

Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning

(708) 465-4852




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