7 February 2014
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Road salt is DAMAGING your carpeting.

While salt is a unavoidable necessity to keeping our roads and sidewalks clear, it can also wreak havoc on carpets.  This utilitarian salt is easily tracked into our homes due to its small granular size.  The salt either stays in it’s granular form or mixes with the snow and water and becomes absorbed into your carpet.

When the salt dries it displays itself as a white salt stain.  The white stains appear as the calcium and magnesium in the salt rise to the surface of the carpeting with evaporation of the moisture.  In concentrated forms the salt will even look crusty on the surface of your carpeting.

Salt has a high alkaline content and does more damage to the carpet fibers than simply leaving a stain.  When salt is left in the carpeting the alkaline component, due to it’s strength, degrades the carpet fiber.  The alkalinity of the salt must be neutralized by a formulated cleaning solution.  It must then be rinsed and removed deep into the backing of the carpeting, by a professional cleaning service utilizing steam cleaning.

One way to prevent the salt from coming in contact with your carpeting is to simply have people remove their outdoor footwear when entering your home or to have a small entrance rug and bench at the front door where shoes may be removed.  In a commercial establishment an effective solution would be a large rubber runway mat at the entrance into which the salt would be absorbed .

Regular vacuuming is also key in preventing the damaging effect of salt from affecting your carpeting.  The granules in salt act as an abrasive when left on the surface or are ground into the carpeting degrading the carpet fiber.  This degradation which looks like split ends on hair, show up as dull worn traffic areas that can not be removed with steam cleaning or any other methods once having occurred.  Vacuuming is a preventative step in avoiding this damage.

Whether it is your business or your home, your carpeting represents a  discernable investment.  Maintaining your carpets appearance and extending it’s life expectancy saves you money and also keeps your home or business looking presentable.

Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning has the advanced cleaning solutions and truck mounted steam cleaning that will have your home or business looking spectacular while protecting that investment.

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