28 November 2013
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Removing Those Thanksgiving Spills From Your Carpeting

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your home should not be a worriesome time where you are more concerrned about your clean home and carpeting than you are making sure all are appreciated.  If spills do occur, the number one consideration that should be taken into account when cleaning up is to Blot!

Prior to Blotting the first thing that you will want to do is remove any excess spill remaining on top of the carpeting.  By Blotting you are placing a towel over the spill and applying pressdure to remove the spill.  Never rub, as this will ingrain the spill into the carpet fiber, causing it to become a stain. After removing as much of the spill as possible by blottting, mix half warm water and vinegar and apply to the soiled area and repeat the blotting procedure with a fresh portion of your towel.  Repeat as necessary.

This process of spill removal will prevent these minor incidents from becoming lasting stains.

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