27 June 2015
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Relative Humidity and how it can affect your carpet

Wben one thinks of humidity the first thing that comes to mind is our damp spring and humid summers.   Humidity can also affect your carpeting in a number of ways.

1) When you purchase new carpeting, it should be allowed to sit in your home under normal conditions for atleast 24 hrs.  This allows the carpeting to adjust to the temperature in the room and also to acclimatize to the moisture level in the home.  Putting carpet that has not been allowed to acclimatize will result in the backing of the carpet expanding once acclimitized and rolls forming on your new carpeting.

2)  When you are having your carpeting cleaned a  roll or two may form, no need to worry the carpet will return to the original flat condition when the carpet is dry.  This is much like a t-shirt that is just out of the wash.  The fabric is stretched buy once in the dryer it returns back to it’s original condition.  This frequently occurs on high end carpeting that has has a  cotton backing or jute backing.

3) Humidity afffects dry times when you have your carpeting cleaned.  Though it may seem like a good idea to open your window to air out your home when having your carpets cleaned, it introduces high humidity into the home.  Outside humidity can be 70-100% depending on the weather.  Simply closing your windows and turning on the air-conditioning reduces the humidity to 35-40%.  The decrease in the humidity allows evaporation to occur much quicker  The air-conditioner is removing the moisture in the air, resulting in dryer carpets quicker.

We hope that this information was helpful

We believe in educating our customers as well as ourselves.  I am a master certified textile cleaner through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.  This is the only exam and onsite accrediting organization in the country.  We are glad to  bring you our experience and knowledge to do the job correctly

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