20 April 2015
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Why Rapid Carpet Re-soiling?

I have heard many clients ask why their carpets re-soiled so quickly after their last cleaning by another company.  The real answer lies in the details of their cleaning.  It is so easy to lump all cleaners together and ask the only question that you would think should matter “How much?’  In order to answer this question many cleaners in the area have taken to eliminating important steps to come in at cheaper prices.   These cleaners have developed that mentality that “Whatever they don’t know, won’t hurt them.”

One of the most important factors in eliminating re-soiling is to apply the pre-spray (cleaning solution) prior to cleaning.  Pre-spraying the cleaning solution onto your carpeting and allowing it to sit on the carpeting for 10-15 minutes allows the cleaning solution to loosen the soil off of the carpet fiber.  This is much like soaking your dishes prior to scrubbing them.

Many cleaners eliminate this step and just add their cleaning solution to the rinse that comes out of the wand.  The problem with this scenario is that they are rinsing your carpeting with soap.  Properly cleaned carpeting should rinse your carpeting with water, rinsing the cleaning solution and dirt out of the firber.  Not rinsing with water leaves a residue on the carpet fiber.   That residue leaves a sticky film on the fiber which normally would be vacuumed away but in this case sticks to the carpet fiber.

With our competitor the space between the jets spray the cleaning solution and where it is vacuumed up in the wand is just 1 inch.  How  clean can carpet get when there is fractions of a second between where the cleaning solution is put down to when it is removed?   Our pre-spray which we apply at 220 degrees sits on the carpeting for 10 min prior to being removed with a fresh water rinse.  This is the proper method to clean carpeting

At Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning, we take the proper steps to ensure that your carpeting is cleaned the way that it should be.  The proper methods of cleaning your carpeting will lend you to a much longer clean and satisfaction that you have made the right choice in your cleaner.

The best part of all is that it is just a normal part of our cleaning process and costs no more than our competitors.  We offer reasonable pricing with exceptional service where quality never leaves the jobs we perform.

When servicing areas from New Lenox to Frankfort you can be assured quality cleaning of your upholstery or carpeting.  After all who in the area offers a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee?  We do, because we believe in what we do and back up our promise to you.


Thank you,

Chris wharry

Owner/ Operator of Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning.

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