7 September 2015
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Proper Treatment of Pet Odors.

The National Pet Owners Survey (NPOS) recent 375 page report shows that pet ownership is currently at the highest level in US history with over 63 percent of  U.S. households owning a pet.  While we love our pets and  consider them members of the family, pet odors frequently accompany mans best friend.

Proper treatment of Pet Odors is essential in restoring the healthy environment that both our families and pets desire.  Whether it is dog urine, vomit, feces or overall pet odor, Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning utilizes effective and safe treatments to eliminate these odors.

Many companies, that our customers have used in the past simply apply a deodorizer to eliminate these odors.  This may temporarily eliminate the odor but does not treat the underlying cause of the odor.  This superficial approach only leaves the homeowner disappointed 2-3 days later when the doederizer has worn off and they are left with the same persistant odors and minus their hard earned money.

When a pet urinates the pet urine comes out as uric acid and ammonia.  As moisture from the urine evaporates it forms alkaline salts that bind to the carpeting.  When moisture is reintroduced via humidity it reactivates that alkaline salt and the odor persists once again.  At Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning we utilize products which can release the alkaline salts and also effectively treat the urine, feces or vomit which has settled onto the backing of the carpeting and pad.

Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning will restore the love between you and your pet by making your home a healthy and pleasant environment for both you and your pet to reside.



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