21 February 2015
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Preventing early death of your carpet


Carpets fibers are a fabric that must be cared for as it were the clothing that we wear each and every day.  If not properly cared for your carpeting can fade and lose it’s coloring.  The following are a few things you can do to prevent the early death of your carpeting

1) Exposing your carpeting to long periods of sunlight can fade areas of the carpeting causing it to look discolored in contrast to areas that don’t experience the same degree of exposure.  We suggest closing blinds or curtains when not at home during daylight hours.

2) Not vacuuming is one of the biggest factors that causes early wear on your carpeting.  Weekly vacuuming removes dirt and particles that we can not see that grate against the carpet fiber causing it to look 0ld and worn.

3) Oils and Lotions that we put on our hands and feet can stain and discolor your carpeting.  Many of these products contain bleaches or coloring that will stain the carpeting or permanently remove the coloring.   Wearing socks protects the carpet fibers from these products and keeps your carpeting from looking soiled and matted.

4) Cleaning up pet accidents immediately is imperative as urine contains ammonia which can bleach or discolor the carpeting.  diluting the urine with vinegar to water 1:3 blotting and placing a cotton towel over the area will help remove the urine from the fibers.  Whether you live in Homer Glen or Fankfort we can serve your needs with pet odors and stains.

Call Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning at (708) 465-4852.  We carry the right products and tools to effectively deal with these situations.  Applying over the counter products can permanently set stains and bleach carpeting.   As a journeyman textile cleaner we can assure you that you are receiving the best care that is possible in treating these issues.

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