19 March 2014
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Pet Stains and Odors

Having a pet as a part of the family is enjoyable and enriching.  As much as these pets would like to please us, they do occasionally have accidents.   I remember a girlfriend, my senior year in College, that gave me a Tibetan Terrier I that I named Rufus.  That was all the way back in 1993.  I loved that loyal and lovable dog and had a difficult time near the end of his life letting go.  It was in 2008, when he was 15 years old, that he was diagnosed as having bladder cancer.  He would often awaken my wife and I at night yelping as he peed uncontrollably while we comforted him.  He would often look at me longingly as if to say, “This is to much, please let me go.”   His incontinence and pain continued for about the next 2 months before we made the tough decision to put him down.

After he would have his episodes of urinary incontinence we would pour water over the area where he had urinated and blot it up with a towel.  The odor would linger after these episodes and we would just spray Febreze over the affected areas.  After his passing, while we were living in Frankfort, IL, we had the carpets cleaned by a local carpet cleaner who, used a deodorizer for the smell.   After that cleaning we noticed that it only seemed to temporarily mask the smell for a few days before it would reappear.   After trying a few store bought deodorizers ourselves, we resolved to having the carpets replaced in the bedroom and living room as this was where he spent most of his time with us.

I later learned, after starting my own floor care business, that  an organic enzyme and bio-modifier should have been used to release the uric acid from the carpet fiber.  This would have saved us over $1100 dollars in costs spent to replace that carpet and padding.   At Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning we do more than mask the problem.  The organic enzymes and bio-modifying solutions we use, attack the uric acid found in urine and neutralize it so that it can be removed by steam cleaning.  Our Bio-modifying cleaning solutions also remove the oils that your pet leaves on the carpeting from his coat.  Our 5 step process eliminates the odors, body oils and most urine stains left by your pet.

Home-Remedies for fresh Pet Urine Spots.

1) Apply 1/2 solution of warm water to vinegar and apply to affected area.

2} Place dry towel over area.

3) Apply pressure by standing on the towel until most of the urine is absorbed into the towel.

4) Repeat as necessary.

5) Call your carpet cleaner if you have been unable to remove the urine immediately.  We say this because urine also contains ammonia which can bleach the carpet in the affected area.  We want you to avoid having to replace your carpeting which is why we recommend steam cleaning following the use of our organic enzyme and bio-modifying treatments.

The importance of protecting your carpet can not be understated as it represents a discernible investment in your home.  Taking immediate action is the key to maintaining the integrity of your carpeting.   Call us today at Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning and let us treat your pet odors or your urine affected areas of carpeting.  Our number is (708) 465-4852 and we serve from Frankfort, IL to Homer Glen, IL  Our commitment to you is making sure the job is done correctly.  Based on our Google and Yelp reviews, our customers believe in us and we hope that you will as well.


Chris Wharry

Owner/ Operator

Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning





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