7 April 2013
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Pet Stain Removal

If you are considering having your urine stained carpeting treated, it is important to understand the alternatives that are going to be offered to you by other carpet cleaners.   Your carpet cleaner should be able to identify to you the urine stains on the carpeting with a UV Black light.  Once identified the alternatives that are available to you are:

1) Deoderize:

Many carpet cleaners will simply clean the affected area with their regular carpet cleaning equipment and then apply a deoderizer.  The problem with this method is that not only are you masking the problem, but you are probably making it worse.

Dog and Cat urine contains uric acid.  When the moisture from the urine evaporates, what is left is dry uric acid crystals.  When another carpet cleaner decides to just clean the stained area with water, he is introducing moisture which reactivates the uric acid and the odors associated with it.

2) Treat the source of the Urine Stain:

The recomended treatment for treating the pet urine stain is to apply a uric acid binding compound.  This a valid response to the odor and staining, if your pet still resides with you.   The uric acid binding solution is mixed in a large 5 gallon bucket and applied to the stained area.  Enough solution is applied so that the backing of the carpeting and padding is saturated.  Also, When applying the solution, enough is applied that it encompasses roughly 50 % more than what is visually seen.   The reason for this is what you see as a pet urine stain is only what is at the top of the carpeting.  The urine spreads outwards as it settles into the carpet and padding.

Following the application of the Uric Acid Binding Compund.  a thick sheet of plastic wrap is placed over the affected area and it is allowed to dwell for 30 minutes.  During this time the solution is binding to the uric acid, reddying itself for removal.  The uric acid is removed with a specialized tool that provides increased suction to a concentrated area to remove all the bound uric acid crystals.

After this method has been performed regular carpet cleaning should be done over the carpeting again.  It is advisable that the carpet cleaner use a deoderizer as a large amount of the uric acid crystals are activated during the 30 minutes of dwell time prior to removal and can create a strong odor that lasts in the air for a short period of time.

3) Remove the Carpeting and Padding altogether:

This method would only be advisable is your pet is no longer living with you.  Because our cats and dogs are territorial aninals, they often mark the same area a multitude of times to establish their dominance over that area.  In doing so, they may have saturated the carpeting and padding to an extent where even the wooden flooring must be removed to remove the uric acid and its distrubing smell.  This is the most exspensive method of treatment and should be a last alernavtive, only, if the pet is no longer living with you.

Option #2 is usually the most effective at removing the stain and odor.   When option #2 is selected the scent is also removed, and the animal is apt not to repeat the behavior by remarking the same space.  When the uric acid crystals are removed and a deoderizer applied you and your pet will be placed more at ease.

Carpet Protectant is recomended as it repels the liquid from entering the carpet fiber and backing for a period of time, allowing you to towel dry the area without any affected damage and saturation of the carpeting.

Thank you for taking the time to read,

Chris Wharry
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