Loving your pets doesn’t have to mean having to live with their odors and mistakes!

Our solution to the problem isn’t just to mask the odor. Rather we seek out the source of the odor, utilizing a high powered UV light to illuminate the stain. Once an area of contamination is identified, we treat the area, as well as the immediate surrounding area where the urine has seeped into the padding of the carpet. We use a solution that binds to the odor- and stain-causing component of urine. Once that has occurred we extract the solution utilizing our hot water sub-extraction method, leaving your carpet smelling fresh.

Carpet Protectant would be our recommendation to prevent future soils from penetrating your carpet fiber and backing.  This will make future messes easy for you to clean-up as the carpet will repel liquids.

Pet Odors:

We will make every effort to remove pet or other household odors.  Because the level of contamination is unknown, it is not always possible to completely remove the source.  After efforts have been made to elimate the source of the odor, it’s smell may intensify becasue the source has been exposed to moisture and the odor has been released from the carpeting and into the air, this will subside with normal air exchange in the home.

Another method we also offer as a method of treatment is to apply a deodorizer to neutralize the urine smell. If there are other problem areas where pet odors are evident, we would also be ready to deal with these areas as well.