2 May 2014
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Natural Stone & Granite Countertop Cleaning/ Polishing



Natural stone surfaces, such as your stone floors or countertops begin to show signs of wear over time.  Normal use, heavy traffic and improper cleaning will leave those shiny surfaces looking dull, dirty and worn.

 Some of the most deleterious factors affecting the look of your natural stone are scratches, acids and stains.

  •  Scratches:   Whether microscopic or deep. these affect the light reflecting quality of the polished stone.

  • Acids:  Whether it is intentionally applied through a cleaner, or unintentionally through the placement of acidic food items, acids etch the stone surface, essentially pitting it creating a dull appearance.

  • Stains:  Though a hard surface stone is still a porous surface and absorbs liquids, dirt and grime into it’s pores which alter its natural beauty.

At Enviro-Green we provide a full range of services for your Natural Stone, Marble, Granite, Terrazzo or Travertine including:

  • Stone Polishing

  • Stone Sealing

  • Stone Cleaning

  • Stone Polishing & Sealing:

When your beautiful stone surfaces are damaged from every day usage and improper care, you will need an expert to bring the life back to those surfaces. We use a number of professional processes and techniques to return your stone to its true beauty,

Polishing: We use diamond grit level pads on a weighted rotary buffer to refinish your stone floor.  We start out with lower grit lvfel diamond pads moving to higher grit levels and sometimes combinations of higher grit compounds to bring out a shine in your stone during this process.

Sealing: The nest process to refinishing your stone is sealing.  We apply a high quality protective sealant to the stones surface to ensure protection from contaminates.  This process is performed immediately after the stone has been polished so that it is absorbed into the pores of the stone for superior protection.

We at Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning are certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification) in Stone, Masonry and Ceramic Tile Cleaning.










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