16 December 2013
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How to remove mustard from carpeting.

Mustard can enhance the flavor of some of America’s favorite comfort foods, however it does not enhance the look of your carpeting.  On a recent carpet cleaning job in Orland Park a distraught customer asked for some simple tips on stain removal.  I noticed that there were mustard stains near one of the chairs and offered her the following tip.

A simple home remedy to remove mustard stains is to gently remove any excess mustard with a spoon asssuming it is a fresh stain.

Following this step saturate the area with club soda and place a towel over the saturated area and apply pressure. allowing the mustared to transfer to the towel.  Repeat this step 3 times.

The next step will be to mix 4 table spoons of dawn dish detergent to a spray bottle 750 ml full of water.

Spray your dish soap / water onto the affeccted area and again apply the towel and place pressure onto the area, repeating up to 3 times.

Next apply warm water to the affected area then place a clean towel over the stain and place a large heavy object on the towel.  This allows the towel to absorb the mustard as the affected area dries.  Water evaporates and mustard does not,  By placing the towel over the carpet you are allowing the remaining mustard to rise into the towel before evaporation of the moisture occurs.

If we did not perform this step the mustard would simply rise with evaporation to the top of the carpet fiber where it would remain deposited as evaporation occures.

If the stain has set and dried call Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning.


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