10 November 2013
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How to remove Gum from carpeting.

Gum has an innate ability to bond to carpet.  This makes its removal messy and difficult.

There is an easier way and the answer is found in both your freezer and garage.

Items you will need:

1) Ice cubes

2) Plastic Bag

3) WD-40

4) Spoon / knife

5) Warm Water mixed with small amount of dish soap.

6) Towel

The first step to tackling gum on the carpeting is place a few ice cubes in the bag and apply to the gum until it has become hard,   You will then scrape the gum off of the carpet with your spoon, removing all but the remanents adhering to the carpet.  The next thing you will do is apply a small amount of WD-40 to the carpet where the remaining gum is present – repeat as necessary.  You will at this time use your finger or knife and remove the remaining gum residue.  Following this apply the warm water with small amount of dish soap mixed and blot dry with the towel.

Gum doesn’t have to be a sticky situation when it comes to its removal, and you can breathe easier knowing there is a solution with products that you already have in your home.

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