16 August 2013
Carpet Cleaning
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How does vacuuming make a difference !!

I recently cleaned a home in Orland Park, IL  where the carpeting was quite worn in the area where it recieved hight foot traffic.  Mainly from the Garage to the Kitchen.  This is understandable as who is able to remove their shoes with tow arms full of graceries or carrying small children to and from the car.  It is not the traffic that causes a carpet to become prematurely warn prior to it’s estimated 12 year life cycle.

This issue is the dirt that remains in the carpeting after it has been walked on.  Dirt acts as an abrasive.  It grinds and rubs against the caRpet fibers and over repeated pressure it degrades the carpet fiber.  This makes the carpet fiber much more suseptable to accepting dirt into the fiber itself making it a stain.  A spot or dirty area can easliy be cleaned, however once the integrity of the fiber has been compramised  due to abrasian it becomes much more difficult to clean as the soiling in now ebledded into the fiber.

Frequent vacuuming removes the soiling that causes abrasian and wear on the carpeting.  Recomendations for vacuuming are atleast once a week and twice a week in heavily trafficed areas.  My personal recomendation is to get a vacuum with a beater bar.  The bearter bar allows the brush head which is rotating to pull dirt around and from the fibers.  It is much more thorough than just using vacuum or suction to remove the soiliing.    At Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning we utilize a commerical hepa-vac to remove the maximum amount of soiling from your carpet prior to Steam Cleaning it.

The Carpet and Rug Institute recomends getting your carpeting  steam cleaned every 6-12 months depending on the lelvel of traffic your carpeting recieves.  Other factors that can provide longjectiy to your carpeting is to have them protected.  Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning uses Green Guard Carpet Protectant.  It is the only carpet protectant that is endorsed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under their Design for the Environment Program.  Carpet Protectant creates a shield around the carpet fiber that helps prevent abrasian of the carpet fiber.   Most carpets are protected when they leave the manufacturing facility, however what people fail to realize is that this wears away in the first year with regylar foot traffic and should be reapplied to give you the same added protection as when you first bought your carpeting.

I hope that these recomendations help you get the maximum life out of your carpeting.  It represents a discernable investment and should be taken care of and protected accoringly.

Thank You.

Chris Wharry

Envior-Green Carpet Cleaning

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