11 September 2014
Carpet Cleaning
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How do you clean the carpeting in my home and how long to dry?

At Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning we exclusively use truck mounted steam cleaning to clean the carpets in your home.  Whether you live in Orland Park or Homer Glen you deserve the best service when it comes to your floor care.  Did you know that cleaning your carpets by any other method will void the warranty on your Mohawk or Shaw carpeting!  Truck mounted steam cleaning provides the heat that is needed to removed deeply embedded dirt and provides the vacuum power to remove the water and cleaning solution leaving your carpets drier quicker.

There are three factors that affect dry times and they are:

1) Humidity- As we clean your home with steam cleaning we recover 93% of the moisture that is used to rinse your carpeting.  The other 7% will evaporate.  One of the things we ask customers in the summer is to turn on their air-conditioner.  When the air-conditioner is running the dehumidifier which is a part of the air-conditioner will remove moisture from the air as it works.  This leaves the air drier and allows the small amount of moisture in the carpets to evaporate much quicker.  During Winter months the air  in the home is dry as controlled by your humidifier associated with your furnace.

2) Vaccuum Power-  A typical vaccuum cleaner has 120 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of suction.  Our powerful truck mounted steam cleaner has 529 CFM of vacuum power.  Almost 5 times more powerful than a vacuum cleaner.  This allows us to recover 93% of the soft water rinse from you carpeting.  That is able to give us dry times of 2-3 hrs. year-round.

3)Air Flow-  As air moves across the carpeting it increases air flow through and above the carpeting this allows the small amount of moisture in the carpeting to evaporate quickly.  We employ the use of high velocity fans in your home.   A typical household box fan moves 300 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air flow.  The high velocity fans we use move 3600 CRM. or air.   That is like having 12 boxes fans in a room at a time.  This is a dramatic difference that allows us to increase dry times to 2-3 hrs.

Making sure that your carpets are clean and that you are not left with wet or damp carpets is why we choose to employ the best equipment and cleaning methods in your home.  Proudly serving from Orland Park to Homer Glen were seeking to give you the best cleaning experience that you have ever had.

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