2 November 2013
Carpet Cleaning
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Factors affecting the lifespan of your carpeting

Carpeting your home represents a discernable investment and as with any investment requires an evaluation about how to uphold its value or lifespan.

The number one preventative step one can follow to ensure a lengthy lifespan of their carpeting is to vacuum.  Vacuuming removes the dirt particles that abrade or wear away at the carpet fibers causing a dull or worn look.  The use of a vacuum with a beater bar can not be emphasized enough as this option removes dirt from deep within the carpet pile.

Having your carpeting cleaned, via hot water extraction or steam cleaning, on a regular basis is the number two step you can take to have your carpeting last it’s maximum life expectancey.  The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends having your carpets cleaned every 6 months.  At Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning we pre-condition the carpeting with the cleaning solution allowing the cleaning solution to soak into the carpet fiber for 15-20 minutes, releasing the dirt from the fiber.  It is at this point that hot water extraction is ready to remove the soil from the carpeting.  The temperature of the water coming out of a 150 ft. solution hose is 195 degrees.  This heated pressurized water allows for superior removal of the soil from your carpeting.

The third and final step you can take to ensure your carpeting is going to last it’s expected lifespan is to reapply the carpet protectant.   When carpeting is manufactured it has a protectant that has been applied by the manufacturer.  The protectant wears off with regular foot traffic.  When reapplied following carpet cleaning, it offers protection against stains and soil wearing or dulling the look of your carpeting.

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