21 August 2014
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Extending the Life of Commercial Carpeting.

Commercial Carpeting represents a significant investment for any business and keeping it clean can be a challenge.  Following these simple steps will extend the life of your commercial carpeting and keep your business or workplace looking it’s best.

One of the most effective ways of preventing soiling of commercial carpeting is to have walk off mats placed inside entryways to your office or business.  Generally it is recommended that atleast 6-8 feet of black rubber matting be placed in these areas.  These rubber matts act as a transition area to your carpet allowing any soil, water or salt to be removed on the matting vs. your carpeting.  These rubber matts can be rented and are cleaned on a contract basis depending upon the amount of traffic and the cleaning needs of the business.

A second factor that can extend the life of your commercial carpeting is vacuuming.  This step is frequently overlooked as there may not be notable soiling.   A frequent vacuuming of your carpeting removes soil and sand which act as abrasives and grinds against the fiber, degrading it.  Wear due to abrasian is what causes areas to look worn and is evident in areas that are frequented by high foot traffic.

A third and important step in maintaining your carpeting is to have it cleaned properly and professionally.  Commercial carpeting has a rubber backing which is typically laid over a concrete floor.  It is this rubber backing that poses a problem for steam cleaning or hot water extraction.   When commercial carpeting is cleaned via regular steam cleaning,  moisture becomes trapped beneath the rubber backing.  There is not enough air flow for vacuum extraction via a truck mount or portable cleaning machine to be effective.  The moisture remaining under the rubber backing has the perfect warm and dark environment to facilitate mold growth, and will ultimately result in the tell-tale musty, mold smell.  The proper method to clean commercial carpeting is via a low moisture method.  This type of cleaning uses a mist is applied to the carpeting which draws soil to the surface where it is removed with pads attached to a rotary machine.

Entry way transition mats, vacuuming,  and proper cleaning by a professional can add years to the life of the carpeting.   As a business in today’s competitive market place, it is imperative that you leave the right impression  from the time your customers walk into your business to the time they leave.

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