5 February 2017
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Does Your Cleaner Use a Rinse


When a carpet cleaner comes into your home, typically he will apply a pre-spray which is a detergent to loosen soil away from the fiber so that it can be removed with hot water.  The pre-sprays that are used in residential carpet cleaning are alkaline in terms of their ph.  The reason for an alkaline pre-spray is counter soil which is acidic in nature.  While this pre-spray is effective in the removal of soil.   It can be left on the carpet after cleaning.

This pre-spray that is left on the carpeting poses on of two problems.  The first is that it leaves a residue.  This residue or left over soap attracts soil to it and therefor your carpets re-soil more quickly.  The other problem that this alkaline residue poses is that when it dries it leaves the carpets feeling stiff instead of soft.  Carpet in it’s natural soft state has a ph 7.  If a rinse is not used the ph will remain alkaline above 8 leaving it feeling bristly.  When a rinse is used it counters the alkalinity of the carpeting leaving it at the same ph. of 7 feeling comfortable.

Ask your cleaner if he is using a fiber rinse.  Using a rinse will leave your carpet cleaner, longer and leave if feeling softer and more comfortable.  A professional cleaner will always use a rinse.


Master Certified Textile Cleaner

Chris Wharry

Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning

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