23 July 2013
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Does Carpet Protectant really work ?

I frequently am asked “Do carpet protectors really work?”

An abreviated response would be,  “Positively!”

Carpet Protectants are applied to your carpeting at the mill where your carpeting was manufactured,  through noraml wear, soiling and highly travelled areas, that protectant wears off and leaves your carpet suseptable to damage, ultimately shortening the life of your carpeting.  The Carpet & Rug Institure recommend that carpet protectant be applied every 12-18 months.  Carpet Protectant basically adheres to the carpet fiber via an ionic charge to attatch itself to the dye sites in the carpet fiber.  In doing so it repells both spills and soiling.  It is essentially and invisible shield around the carpet fiber.

Carpet Protectants offer a two fold solution to preserving your carpeting:

1:  Repells spills, spots & stains.

The carpet protectant essentially forms a barrier around the carpet fiber by attatching to the dye sites that are a available.  This protectant provides a soft invisible barrier that will protect your carpeting and will resist the damage caused by spills and potential stains.  Carpet Protectant repells the spills from the carpet fiber.  This allows the homeowner to clean up spills either liquid or food items from the carpeting without causing a permantent stain.

2:  Assists in dry soil removal.

The sheilding that the carpet protectant provides also allows the dry soiling to be more redily picked up.

Abrasian is the #1 reason that carpets deteriorate before their alloted life span.  Carpet protectant will aloow the dry soil in the carpeting, to be more redily vacuumed up.

As soil becomes trapped in the carpet fibers and routine traffic occurs the soil acts as an abrasive.  This abrasive acts like sand paper and frays or delaminates the carpet fiber.  Essentially damaging the carpet fibers that becomes visible to the eye.  This is why you see wear patterns in frequently and heavily trafficked areas in the home.

Once a carpet fiber has become frayed or delaminated the integrity of the fiber has become compramised.  This allows it to take on any spills which then become stains because the damage to the structure of the fiber.

Carpeting is an exspensive investment in your home.  The Carpet & Rug Institute recommends steam cleaning your carpets every 12-18 months.  http://www.carpet-rug.org/residential-customers/cleaning-and-maintenance/index.cfm   Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning is a Carpet & Rug Institute – Seal of approval – Select Service Provider.  We are also a (IICRC) Certified Frim, (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), the only certifying body, via examination following extensive class work, in the United States. http://www.iicrc.org/locate-a-certified-professional/

At Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning we use the only carpet protectant that is endorsed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under their “Design for the Environment Program”  assuring you that choosing our product is safe for you, your family and your pets.  Our indoor Environments are equally as important to our health as our Outdoor Environments.

We hope that you take carpet protectant into consideration to extend the life of your carpeting for years to come.






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