18 April 2013
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Commercial Cleaning

Utilizing one method of carpet cleaning for both Commercial Capet Cleaning and Residential Carpet Cleaning is a error and deserves further exploration as to which method is the preferred method for each.

Commercial Carpeting has a denser carpet fiber weave than that of residential carpeting.  It also has a rubber backing that is adhered to the carpet fiber.  This rubber backing acts as the padding for the carpeting.  Utilizing Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning is not the correct method of cleaning Commercial Glue Down Carpeting. Because of the density of the fiber of Commercial Glue Down Carpeting and the limited air flow, this water can not be removed properly.  When one utilizes this method water is forced by the high pressure of Hot Water Extraction into the backing of the carpeting creating an environment for mold to form.

The proper method for cleaning Commercial Glue Down Carpeting is Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning.  Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning utilizes a crystal polymer that is distributed in a water spray.  At Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning we apply the polymer to the carpeting and it is brushed into the fibers.   The crystal polymer draws soil and moisture to as it recrystallizes and then is vacuumed away in subsequent 2-3 vacuumings.  This preferred Commercial Glue Down Carpet cleaning method keeps the rubber backing from getting saturated which leads to mold and odor issues.

The preferred method for residential carpet cleaning is Hot Water Extraction according to the Carpet and Rug Institute.  Because residential carpeting has a loose weave and more air is able to circulate when extracting the cleaning solution it is able to dry quickly which eliminates odor and mold issues.

The Hot water aides in releasing soil form the carpet fiber lending to cleaner carpets and a more satisfied clientele when cleaning the homeowners carpeting.  At Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning we place a fan or drier to assist in drying the carpeting more quickly.

Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning lends no bias as to which method is used as we utilize both methods for their appropriate use.  For further information on each method.  Please feel free to call myself, Chris Wharry at (708) 465-4852





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