27 October 2016
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coffee Stain Removal

Coffee spills if not cleaned up immediately can result in permanent staining of your carpeting.

When coffe is spilled onto a fiber your dealing with 4 components;
1) Heat – When coffe is spilled can be upwards of 200 degrees essentially openimg dye receptor sites to recieving the coffee coloring or colorant called tanin.
2)  The tanin as explained above, which gives coffee it’s color.
3) sugars that may have been added to the coffee that dry into the fiber after moisture evaporation.
4) Creams or milk products that may have been added to the coffee prior to the spill.  These can seep beneath the backing and sour.

The sugars and milk products are easily removed by prespraying the carpet cleaning solution and extracting.

The problem left is the fiber becoming permanently stained because the heat has opened dye receptor sites and tanin has entered the fiber.  At Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning we have the knowledge and know how to remove stubborn coffee stains that would otherwise permanently remain.

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