25 December 2013
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Cleaning your Hatian Cotton Furniture

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Hatian cotton is simply a natural cotton fiber that has not had all the stems and seeds removed in the final process of producing the fiber.  While this appealing fiber looks distinguishing as a center piece to any formal living or sitting room, it does have it’s challenges when it comes to cleaning.
While cleaning a Hatian cotton sofa and loveseat in Homer Glen, the homeowner indicated that she had called a few franchises and a few local carpet and upholstery cleaning businesses prior to Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning and that they had said that they don’t clean Cotton furniture.
Cotton and Hatian cotton can cause problems if cleaned improperly.  The problem with cleaning cotton is that hot water extraction will cause yellowing of the cotton fiber.  In particular with a Hatian Cotton, not only does yellowing occur but browning and streaking around the cotton seads. ultimately destroying a once beautiful focal point to any distinguishing room.
At Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning we take pride in our knowledge of how to correctly clean your furniture.  Our specific processes to cleaning your cotton or Hatian cotton furniture does not employ hot water extraction.  Our meticulously hand applied non-reactive cleaning method will not leave your sofa in danger of yellowing or browning.
Our specific process to cleaning Cotton or Hatian cotton is something that other companies can not be bothered with from a liability or time perspective.  At Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning we believe in forming relationships wih our clientele and that means giving you the best we have to offer.
Whether it is taking the time and training to acquirie the knowledge to know that what we are doing, or the spending the time to do it correctly. we make sure we do it thoroughly.
Whether you live in Orland Park, Palos Park or Frankfort you can be rest assured that your carpeting or upholstery will be cleaned properly and professionally.







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