28 February 2013
Carpet Cleaning
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Carpet Cleaning Woes With Cats

Having a cat living with you can wreak havoc on your carpet. There is not a cat owner alive who has not had their cat shed on their rug. Getting the embedded cat fur out can be quite a problem at times. You’ll need to learn how to keep your carpet free of cat fur.

Treating Carpet for Cat Owners 101

Unfortunately, many vacuum cleaners are not powerful enough to really tackle the removal of cat fur and dander from your carpets. You can combat this by either purchasing a stronger vacuum cleaner or just cleaning your carpets more often.

If you are thinking about borrowing a carpet cleaner from someone, you are advised not to do so becasue of the low amount of suction that the machines that you rent have. This lack of suction leeds to the carpet not drying thoroughly, and this is an invitation for mold to start growing under your carpet. Alternatively, if you know of a good carpet cleaning service you should take that route. Why not leave the hard work to the professionals?

Do you have any carpet treatment tips for pet owners? If so, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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