Most carpet manufacturers apply a topical carpet protectant to the carpet when it is manufactured. However, with regular foot traffic, abrasion occurs wearing the protectant away. It is recommended that carpet protectant be reapplied following each carpet cleaning for continued protection against soiling and spills.

3 Reasons you should always have Scotchgard protector applied to your furniture and carpeting.

  • Keeps spills from becoming hard  to remove spots and stains. Scotchgard repells spills, allowing them to be blotted up easily.

  • Prevents heavily trafficked areas from being ruined, by repelling and preventing dirt from embedding in the carpet fiber.

  • Carpet protector will help your carpet look better and last longer by allowing dirt to be more easily picked-up and fewer passes with the vacuum.  Dirt left in carpeting acts an abrasive shortening your carpets life.

Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning can professionally apply Scotchgard Carpet Protectant to your carpeting for $19.95 per area or to your upholstery for $ 9.00 per cushioned area.