Carpeting certainly adds to the d├ęcor of you home, but did you also know that it acts a filter as well? The carpeting traps dust and dander that would otherwise remain airborne and leave us susceptible to inhaling it. While the accumulation of these materials becomes more prevalent as surface soils appear, it is paramount to our healthy indoor environments that it be cleaned regularly. Regular carpet maintenance can greatly increase the appearance of your home but also make your home a healthier living environment. Regular maintenance of your carpeting not only makes your home a healthier environment but protects the investment that you have made in your flooring. A thorough cleaning from your local professional carpet cleaner is recommended by the Carpet and Rug Institute every 12-18 months.

Steps to Protect Your Investment:

Vacuuming is probably the easiest and most cost effective method of extending the life of your carpeting. Vacuuming once a week extracts the soil that is tracked and settles into your carpeting. This soil acts as sandpaper to your carpet fiber, grinding against the fiber until it abrades it. Abrasian is what causes the fiber to look dull and worn. This is most prevalent in traffic areas, which can be cleaned but never made to look new again because of the damage to the fiber. This simple act alone can extend the life of your carpeting up to 15 years with little indication of wear.

Do not treat stains yourself using over the counter products:

When experiencing a spill or spot use a combination of 1/2 warm water and 1/2 vinegar and blot the area with a towel. Repeat these steps until the spot has been removed. After the spot has been removed place a dry white towel over the affected area and place a heavy non metallic or wood object over it (ie. a large book). This allows any spill in the back of the carpeting to dry up into the towel. As a professional carpet cleaner the # 1 reason that I am unable to remove stains from carpeting is that they have been treated with a over the counter stain remover. The stain removers that can be bought in your local grocery store contains solvents. What occurs is that the solvents are not adequately removed from the carpeting (The Bissell doesn’t have enough vacuum power!), and they leach the dye out of the carpeting allowing the stain to permanently set into the carpet fiber. Once this occurs it is to late to save the carpeting without out replacement of carpeting to the affected area.

Professional Carpet Cleaning:
As stated earlier professional carpet cleaning is recommended by the Carpet and Rug Institute every 12-18 months. Both Shaw and Mohawk ( major carpet mills) state that in order for their warranties to be maintained that their carpets must be professionally cleaned every 12 months. Having your carpets professionally cleaned removes dirt that it trapped in the back of your carpeting that is not released with vacuuming. almost 20% of dirt that is not removed by vacuuming is dirt that is adhering to the actual fiber which is what causes our carpets to be visually dirty to our eyes. Professional carpet cleaning also removes dust , dander and allergens that upon removal leaves our homes a healthier place to live.

At Enviro-Green carpet cleaning we offer steam cleaning utilizing our citrus based cleaning products. This effectively cleans your home safely and leaves your home feeling and smelling fresh and clean. Our cleaning is safe for you, your family and your pets. Providing a healthy environment for families is why we choose the healthy green products that we use. Our products are endorsed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as being safe for your family, pets and home.