6 December 2016
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Bait and Switch Carpet Cleaners

We have all seen the carpet cleaning coupons of companies that are offering to clean a room for $ 7.95 per room.  Sounds like an exceptional deal right?  Well that deal can turn into a much much more exspensive clean than you ever anticipated.

We have all heard the saying “You get what you pay for”.   Well in this case of these carpet cleaners what you get is an opportunity for these guys to get into your home where the selling pressure begins.  These types of cleaners are not concerned with the outcome for you, as much as they are concerned with the outcome for themselves.  With unqualified technicians these individuals are more likely to cause damage to your carpet and home, leaving you wishing that you had never opened the door.

Getting through the door with such low pricing is only the first step in emptying your pocketbook.  These carpet cleaners will often do a demonstration of what clean carpet with cleaning solution looks like vs. just plain water. This is where the upsell begins,  the cleaning solution itself is going to cost you $.25 cents a square foot just to get the carpets cleaned.   These individuals will probably have a portable carpet cleaner that has poor performance.   If your lucky these individuals will have a truck mount, but wait that truck mount is going to cost you as well.  The cost of course an additional charge.  The next sell is usually either a sanitizer for $.25 cents per square foot and/or a deodorizer for another additional $.25.  They will also want to sell you Scotchgard which is also an additional $.25 cents a square foot. Were already up to $1.00 a square foot.  Can you imagine a 1000 square feet of carpeting costing you $1000.00 well believe me, it’s true and you’ll get the bill after the work is done.  A reputable carpet cleaner will always discuss options to clean and their pricing upfront so that you know what your paying. before the work begins.

These unqualified carpet cleaners are motivated by one thing  and one thing only, money!  The commissions on these sales is up to 25% on the upsells, so you better believe your going to get high pressure sales.  No one wants to invite that into their home.  Refuse the upsells and these people are gone quicker than you can say “that’s not clean”

Unfortunately these companies exist to prey on you the consumer looking for a deal.  To make sure that the company you are dealing with has legitimate carpet cleaners ask if they are certified and if there pricing is upfront.  No company is going to be profitable at $7.95 a room.  legitimate carpet cleaners will always discuss their pricing upfront which includes the cleaning solution and allow you to decide on other services without a high pressure sales pitch.  Typically a local carpet cleaner in the Orland Park, IL area will charge from between $.30 to $.40 cents per square foot, anything less than that and they are cutting corners in the cleaning process.


View this footage on you-tube about how bait and switch carpet cleaners operate,






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