21 December 2014
Carpet Cleaning
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5 Reasons to get your carpets cleaned!

There are a variety of reasons that people have their carpets cleaned.  Having a fresh, clean and healhy home are not the only reasons.  The following are the reasons we have found our customers choose us.

1] Events – It this time of the year with the holidays before us many people are having guests over want a home that is clean, presentable and appealing to guests. At Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning our truck mounted steam cleaning and effective cleaning solutions will have your carepts looking presentable and smelling fresh.  Whether it your mother in-law coming over for the holidays of your boss for your Christmas gathering you can be assured your home will look it’s best

2] Heavy Soiling –  Whether it is a particular spot, heavily soiled area or traffic lanes we can bring satisfaction to the resolution of your problem.  We utilize special spotting and treatment techniques to address these issues.  We distinguish ourselves from our competitors with the resolution of these issues.

3] Maintenance – Routing cleaning of your carpeting can extend the life of your carpeting up to 300%. Soils not removed by hot water extraction can grate on the fibers and will cause wear and discoloration.  We have seen carpets that are 5 years old and need complete replacement and 15 year old carpets that look as though they were newly installed.  Shaw and Mohawk carpet mills guarantee their warranties only if the carpets are cleaned with hot water extraction every 12 months.

4] Health – Though there may not be visible soiling, oils from feet and pets provide a ideal environment for bacteria to form.  With our steam cleaning with temperatures of 230 degrees we instantly remove bacteria and remove them with our truck mounted cleaning high velocity vacuum.   Using effective non-toxic cleaning solutions leaves your carpets clean and safe for your pets and  children.

5] Pet Odor – At Enviro-Green carpet cleaning we have specialized procedures and  cleaning products that will effectively remove pet odors and stains.  Pets don’t have to be an embarrassment. We effectively alleviate odors and urine stains that are associated with pets.

Our customers are served by our high quality and reasonable pricing in the Frankfort, Mokena, Homer Glen and Orland Park Areas.  As a IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certifying Body), certified journeyman textile cleaner, you  can be assured your floor cleaning is performed by a professional trained in handling your fabrics and textiles with care.

Chris Wharry – Owner / Operator of Enviro-Green Carpet Cleaning


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